Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp

Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp

Zoo Med

  • $14.99

The Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp is an ideal fixture for all incandescent lamps or ceramic heat emitters. It features a heat-resistant porcelain socket (150 watt capacity), On/Off switch, and a wire guard that prevents the excess heat accumulation that often accompanies aluminum reflectors.

The best clamp fixture for ceramic heat emitters

Open wire cage design prevents accumulation of heat

Includes On/Off switch and ceramic socket

The wire cage design prevents the accumulation of "black heat," making this the safest clamp lamp available for high-heat producing ceramic emitters. This versatile fixture may be used with mercury vapor lamps, incandescent heat lamps, and ceramic heat emitters up to 150 watts.

Note: This is this only fixture that is U.L. approved when used in conjunction with Zoo Med's Ceramic Heat Emitter.

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