Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Terrarium Background

Zoo Med

  • $8.99


Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile panels for terrarium/vivarium backgrounds. These panels are pre-cut to fit Zoo Med’s Naturalistic Terrariums or can be cut for custom sizes. They are perfect for high-humidity environments as they are highly resistant to mold or mildew.

Natural cork panels for terrarium/vivarium backgrounds

Perfect for high humidity environments - mold & mildew resistant

Precut to fit Zoo Med's Naturalistic Terrarium or can be cut for custom sizes

To secure the background you will need to use Aquarium Silicone which will need to dry for 24 hrs. Be sure that the silicone has completely cured before placing animals inside terrarium. Use several Natural Cork Tile Background panels for large enclosures.

All natural & sustainably harvested. No trees were harmed in harvesting this green product.

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