Van Ness Pet Food Container

Van Ness Pet Food Container

Van Ness

  • $13.99

The Van Ness Pet Food Container stores all of your pets food to keep it fresh for longer.

It includes a locking latch and air-tight seal to keep your pet's kibbles, pellets, or other dry food insect- and moisture-free.

Locking latch & air tight seal Keeps food fresh longer & safe from insects For pellets, kibbles & other dry pet foods

The clear smoke finish lets you keep an eye on food levels at all times.

The bottom of the container features a handle grip for easy transportation - especially useful if you have to store the food above ground to keep it away from overly curious pets!

Made with USFDA-Approved plastic for your pet's total safety.

Note: Attached & removable wheels not included on 10 lb container (FC10).

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