Tetra PVC Pond Liner

Tetra PVC Pond Liner


  • $51.99

Tetra Pond PVC Pond Liner is made of high quality PVC that is resistant to damage from UV rays, punctures and tears. While extremely hardy and durable, the liner is still flexible and can be cut to fit any shape or pond design.

Fish safe, high-density PVC material

UV, puncture & tear resistant

Can be cut to fit any pond design

15-year warranty

Pond liner is 20 mm thick for extended durability. Any rips or punctures that do occur can be repaired easily with a PVC Liner Patch Kit.

Measuring Tips: Find the desired length and width of your pond and add twice the desired maximum depth. Add an additional 1.5 to 2 feet to each figure to allow for the overlap needed to secure the liner in place.


7' x 10': Ponds up to 250 gallons


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