Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps


  • $2.99

Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps are a nutritionally balanced premium food to enhance the health, color and vitality of all goldfish. The Multi Crisp formula has an optimized protein-fat ratio for optimum feed conversion, decreased water pollution and reduced algae growth.

Premium, nutritionally balanced food for all Goldfish

Enhances health, color and vitality

Reduces waste for premium water quality and less algae growth

Patented BioActive formula maintains healthy immune system and supports long life

Tetra uses a low-heat production process to produce only highly nutritious food. Goldfish Crisps contain Omega-3 for healthy growth, and shrimps for high palatability. The enhanced digestibility of this food reduces waste to support clean and clear water. The new Multi Crisp formula contains a yellow spot with krill to enhance natural colors and promote muscle growth, with a red outer ring containing all essential nutrients.

Feeding Directions: Feed at least 2-3 times per day, as much as your fish can eat in a few minutes.

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