Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage

Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cage


  • $70.99

Prevue Triple Roof Bird Cages provide extra space for multiple parakeets, cockatiels, or other small-to-medium sized birds to enjoy. Each cage features a removable grille and pull-out debris tray for easy cleaning, as well as 2 carry handles, 2 hooded cups, and 4 wood perches.

Extra space for multiple parakeets and other small-medium birds

Removable grille and pull-out debris tray make cleaning easy

Each cage includes 2 hooded cups and 4 wood perches

The powder-coated steel mesh is non-toxic and pet safe. Wash cage regularly with a mild soap, warm water and the Prevue Cage Saver Scrub Pad (#109). Dry thoroughly. Do not dry tray in the sun to prevent warping.


26"L x 14"W x 22.5"H

Assembly Instructions:

1) Place the plastic base on a stable surface.

2) Open the cage body wire mesh and attach the bottom of the body to the plastic base. The main door of the cage faces the front, and the wire loops to attach the top facing outward.

3) Attach the cage top to the body assembly, using the wire hooks to position and secure the top into place.

4) Place any additional items, such as perches or feeding cups into position.

5) Make sure that all latches securing the top to the body and the body to the base are in place and secure before use.

Note: Cages ship in assorted colors. Please let us choose one for you!

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