Prevue Birdie Basics Cup with Mirror

Prevue Birdie Basics Cup with Mirror


  • $3.99

The Prevue Birdie Basics Half Round Cage Cup with mirror is a universal fit for all small and medium cage models, making the perfect serving unit for your bird's favorite food. The mirror snaps onto the cup, making one convenient hanging unit.

Universal fit for all small/medium cage models

Mirror snaps onto cup to make 1 hanging unit

Cup holds 1.5 oz

Birds love admiring themselves in mirrors. Providing your feathered friend with a mirror cup will encourage more frequent meals and hydration and discourage boredom.

Cleaning Guide: Wash all food/water dishes with warm water using a damp soft cloth and mild soap. Dry thoroughly before returning to the cage.

Note: Cups ship in assorted colors. Please let us choose one for you.

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