Marshall Premium Ferret Litter Bag

Marshall Premium Ferret Litter Bag


  • $13.99

Marshall Premium Ferret Litter is made of 100% recycled paper, tightly packed into small cylinders for maximum moisture absorption and odor control (very important for ferrets!). Each 1/2" cylinder absorbs up to 400% more waste than standard clay litters for longer life and greater savings.

100% recycled paper litter with excellent odor control

Up to 400% more absorbent than clay litters

Flushable, biodegradable, non-allergenic and dust-free

Ferrets use their litter boxes up to a dozen times every day. That's a lot of waste to take care of! Marshall Premium Litter is specially designed and uniquely capable of handling the high load ferrets put on their litter, while eliminating foul odors and helping to maintain a healthy environment for your pet. By removing odors and absorbing waste, it also helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria, mold and yeast that can occur in litter boxes.

Try it today to discover why Marshall Premium is the litter of choice by ferret owners worldwide!

Directions: Spread over litter pan to approximately 1" deep. Store in a cool, dry place. Thoroughly clean cage and replace litter every week, and remove heavily soiled litter daily. Litter is flushable in small amounts (3-6 oz at a time).

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