Kaytee Crittertrail Fun-nel Builder's Pack

Kaytee Crittertrail Fun-nel Builder's Pack


  • $3.99

The Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nel Builder's Pack contains 5 unique accessories to help you turn your small pet's CritterTrail habitat into a an exciting living area. Perfect for hamsters, gerbils, and mice! The pack includes 1 Fun-nel tube, 1 Bubble Plug, and 3 Fun-nel rings in assorted colors.

Assorted Fun-nel tubes for expanding

CritterTrail habitats Perfect for hamsters, gerbils, or mice

Includes Fun-nel tube, bubble plug, and rings

Easy to clean and assemble


1.5" CritterTrail Fun-nel Tube (x1)

CritterTrail Fun-nel Bubble Plug (x1)

CritterTrail Fun-nel Rings (x3)

Note: Pieces ship in assorted colors.

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