K & H Perfect Climate Delux De-Icer

K & H Perfect Climate Delux De-Icer

K&H Pet Products

  • $42.99

K and H Thermo-Pond Deluxe Perfect Climate Pond De-Icers have "reinvented the wheel" when it comes to keeping ice out of your pond. The Perfect Climate De-Icer can be used as a floating de-icer or can be converted into a submersible de-icer with the push of a button!

Helps create perfect winter climate for your fish

All-in-one design transforms from submersible to floating version in seconds

Safe for all ponds; will not burn pond liners

This safe, energy-efficient pond de-icer switches from floating to submersible at the touch of a button. Its 12-foot long power cord allows you to reach any part of your pond. Refer to the manufacturer's region chart to find the de-icer that will work best for you based on where you live.

2-year manufacturer warranty. MET-listed.


250 Watt: Ponds up to 1000 Gallons - (6" Diameter x 5" High)

Important: Be sure to reference the zone chart (above) to choose the proper De-Icer model for your region and pond size.

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