Exo-Terra Screen Terrarium

Exo-Terra Screen Terrarium


  • $169.99

The Zilla Screen Terrarium is a durable, aluminum-frame habitat with screen walls to provide maximum ventilation. The non-restricted air flow removes stagnant air, creating an ideal environment for arboreal (tree-dwelling) reptiles and amphibians.

High quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum screen enclosure

Screen walls allow maximum ventilation, preventing stagnant air

Allows optimal UVB and heat penetration Includes large front access door & removable substrate tray

Ideal for chameleons & other tree-dwelling pets

The screen design permits maximum UVB and heat penetration, as well as a broader temperature gradient that helps reptiles regulate their body heat effectively. The screens are made of fine, cricket-proof aluminum mesh that allows reptiles to climb with ease. The enclosure features a substrate tray with a designated flap for easy removal and cleaning, and nickel-plated latches that keep pets securely inside.

Assembly only requires a screwdriver!

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