CatA'bout CatNip Plus Easy Grow Kit

CatA'bout CatNip Plus Easy Grow Kit


  • $5.99

The CatA'bout CatNip Plus Easy Grow Kit by Gimborn is all you need to start your very own farm of fresh feline fun!

These premium catnip seeds are ready to grow; all you need to do is follow the planting instructions and you'll have your own catnip plants for endless kitty fun in no time!

Why buy processed catnip when you can give your cat the very best, as fresh as it gets!

Premium catnip for your cat

Grow fresh catnip straight from the container

Multi-cat size Catnip is a safe and natural stimulant for cats.

Crumble the leaves and rub them over or place them inside your cat's favorite toy to stimulate wild, tail chasin' fun!

Made in the USA.

Planting Instructions:

1. Open lid.

2. Sprinkle catnip seeds evenly over potting mix.

3. Lightly cover seeds with the potting mix.

4. Water as needed (approximately every 2 weeks) taking care not to overwater. Let the mix dry out in between waterings.

5. Place container in a warm lighted area avoiding direct sunlight.

6. Seeds should begin germinateing in approx. 7-10 days.

7. Once seedlings have germinated, move to direct sunlight. Seedlings require full sun for growth.

8. When seedlings reach a height of 1 inch, transplant outside or to a larger pot.

For best results, separate seedlings. Catnip will reach a height of 18-36".

Ingredients: Potting Mix (aged pine bark, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, hardwood charcoal), Plantagel (Contains potassium, propenoate, prepenamide, copolymer. Plantagel is a non-toxic water absorption agent), 500 mg Catnip Seed (Nepeta Cataria).

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