Carefresh Shavings Plus Small Pet Bedding

Carefresh Shavings Plus Small Pet Bedding


  • $11.99

Carefresh Shavings Plus is a fun, highly absorbent bedding for small all pets. Shavings Plus bedding blends ultra-absorbent ComfyFluff paper bedding and kiln-dried, low dust softwood shavings to achieve maximum absorbency while encouraging healthy, natural behaviors such as nesting and burrowing.

30% paper bedding mixed with softwood shavings

5-day odor control

60% more absorbent than standard small pet shavings

97% dust free for a cleaner, healthier home

Directions: Apply 1-3" of Carefresh Shavings Plus to your pet's home. Maintain a clean habitat by removing all bedding and washing your pet's home with a diluted soap solution once a week. Spot clean daily to extend time between cleanings.

Disposal: Shavings Plus bedding is biodegradable and compostable. If planning to use in a vegetable garden, please consult USDA guidelines for food safety.

Note: The materials used in Shavings Plus are harvested from sustainable sources and contain no harmful chemicals or other pollutants. Variations in color, texture, and size may occur due to natural source materials.

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