CareFresh Colors Pet Bedding - Blue


  • $5.99

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding is the safest and healthiest bedding for your small pet, made in a variety of FUN colors! Carefresh colored bedding is perfect for creating fun and inviting themes in your pets cage.

Odor Stop baking soda formula provides 10 day odor control

3 times more absorbent than shavings

99% dust-free for easy cleanup

Carefresh Complete is dyed using the same materials that have been used in homes around the world for 40+ years. In normal environments bedding color will not bleed onto your cage, pet or clothing. This colors pet bedding is also processed to remove harmful aromatic hydrocarbons that come in pine and cedar oils.

This odor blocking bedding is made to suppress the formation of ammonia caused from pet urine. Bedding is compressed and expands to the liters listed. In certain conditions cotton fabrics may be discolored if exposed to the colors bedding when wet.

Made in the USA.

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