Aqueon Marine Flakes Fish Food

Aqueon Marine Flakes Fish Food


  • $3.99

Aqueon Marine Flaked Fish Food is filled with all of the premium ingredients saltwater fish prefer. This daily diet is made with only natural ingredients with no artificial colors that are sometimes added to low-quality foods to enhance flake color. Quality whole fish meal is used to provide the complete range of nutrients needed to keep fish healthy and full of energy. These flakes are specially formulated to allow marine fish to utilize more of what they eat, which creates less waste in the aquarium.

Balanced nutrition for daily feeding of fish living in a marine (saltwater) environment.

Contains chlorella algae, which provide essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required by marine fish

Natural ingredients and colors with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients

Will not cloud water when fed as directed

Formulated so that fish utilize more of what they eat, creating less waste

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